Kit Homes

Kit Homes: Everything You Should Know

If you are planning to buy a kit home, also known as a prefabricated home, you should know a few things before buying. Kit Homes Mornington Peninsula will deliver all the parts pre-built, pre-cut and packaged to you for assembly. Sometimes, they are referred to as mail-order or catalogue homes, offering a different home-buying experience. Instead of touring homes, you browse options, choose one you like, purchase it, and then build it yourself or with assistance from friends.

Benefits of Kit Homes

  1. Time Efficiency: Kit homes streamline construction, significantly reducing on-site time. Compared to traditional builds, the pre-cut parts and detailed assembly instructions expedite the structure’s assembly.
  2. Reduced Waste: Traditional construction methods often waste materials, especially when cutting wood beams on-site. Kit homes minimise waste by pre-cutting components in the factory using automated saws, optimising material usage.
  3. Simplified Construction: Kit homes require less skilled labour during on-site construction. With detailed instructions similar to IKEA assembly, the building process becomes accessible to construction workers without advanced carpentry skills.
  4. Local Sourcing: While the kit includes most building components, certain materials are sourced locally to minimise transport costs. This allows for cost savings and enables the acquisition of materials at competitive prices.
  5. Cost Savings: The combination of reduced waste, less time on-site, and local material sourcing contributes to overall cost savings. Efficient planning before ordering the kit ensures that the project benefits from these advantages.
  6. Customisation and Vision: Successful kit home projects hinge on clearly defining what you want to build. Creating a detailed vision before ordering the kit ensures the project meets your expectations and goals.

What Is Not Kit Homes

There needs to be more clarity online about terminology regarding prefabricated wooden buildings. Terms like “modular,” “prefab” and “pre-cut” are often used interchangeably. But they have distinct meanings. A kit home requires on-site construction and comes in packages of pre-cut materials. While it may have a modular architecture, it’s not a modular building. In the prefab industry, a “modular” house arrives on-site in ready-made boxes, fully finished inside, and requires installation and connection. This construction is faster but more expensive. Kit homes, aiming to save money, involve investing time in building or planning. They are basic and offer significant savings, allowing customisation and flexibility in construction details.

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